About Us

Kentucky Association of Chinese Language Teachers(KACLT) founded in 2006, serves the interests and needs of Kentucky teachers of Chinese and the teaching of Chinese at all levels of instruction in both public and private schools. Our goal is to provide a platform for Chinese educators in the state of Kentucky to communicate and share relevant educational information and resources, stimulate professional growth, foster interest in the Chinese language and Chinese-speaking literature and cultures, and encourage and support each other in professional careers and personal lives.

肯塔基州中文教师协会成立于二零零六年, “将中华语言和文化发扬光大”是我们的使命。我们的宗旨是为本州的中文教育者建立一个交流及共享相关教育资讯的平台;以我们的最大能力在教学上、生活上帮助各位老师。协会的所有成员都会本着积极向上和无私的心态,相互鼓舞,相互扶持。欢迎参与!